Responding to Low Ball Offers

The Value of Responding to Low Ball Offers

So you, the seller, received a low offer on your Central Texas home, a very low offer. Should you be insulted, offended and refuse to provide a counteroffer? Isn’t it always impressive on these cable real estate shows when a seller refuses to respond to an offer? In the real world, selling real estate can be a very personal matter and someone telling you by way of a low offer that your home isn’t worth as much as you think, can come across as insulting and offensive.

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Another way of looking at it is someone is interested in buying your property and receiving offers is just part of the process. You want to get offers, that’s why you listed your property. You also have to understand most people, probably like yourself, likes to get good deals on a purchase, and don’t we all?

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In this situation one thing is guaranteed, if you don’t respond the deal is most likely dead. You listed your property for a reason and getting offers, good or bad, is what you need to sell your property. You should always welcome and respond to all offers. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a great deal, so some buyers logic is why not try a low offer first. Most offers can be negotiated upwards, so if you want to find out how serious a buyer is, promptly and professionally respond to all offers.

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