Selling Homes on Acreage in Central Texas

Selling Acreage Homes in Central Texas

Selling Acreage Homes in Central Texas

Selling Homes on Acreage Real Estate

Selling homes on acreage in Central Texas can be both exciting and challenging due to the unique features of large acreage properties. Here are some tips to help you effectively sell homes on acreage in Central Texas. It's best to work with a Central Texas brokerage that specializes in selling residential and acreage properties, such as Longhorn Realty.

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Highlight the Acreage: Central Texas is known for its spacious properties on acreage. Longhorn Realty will highlight the size of the acreage in our home listings and marketing materials. We emphasize the potential for privacy, outdoor activities, and expansion opportunities. Acreage properties of 10 acres or more can sometime be ag exempt which may allow you to also keep livestock.

Showcase the Landscape: Central Texas offers diverse landscapes, including rolling hills, lakes, rivers and the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Longhorn Realty uses high-quality photos and videos to showcase the beauty of the land surrounding the homes. We highlight unique features such as creeks, ponds, or mature trees that can be found on acreage residential properties.

Marketing to Outdoor Enthusiasts: Many buyers in Central Texas are drawn to the region for its outdoor recreational opportunities. We tailor our marketing efforts to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts by emphasizing activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding that can be enjoyed on larger tracts of land.

Highlight Local Amenities: While Central Texas offers a rural lifestyle, it's often not far from urban conveniences, such as the Austin metro area. Longhorn Realty will highlight nearby amenities such as schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and healthcare facilities to appeal to a wide range of acreage home buyers.

Know Local Regulations: When selling homes on acreage it's important to disclose any known water well information (if required), deed restrictions, requirements for septic (if required), exemptions and environmental considerations that may affect the sale of homes on acreage in Central Texas. Make sure to address any concerns buyers may have regarding land use.

Work with an Experienced Agent: Partner with a real estate agent who has experience selling homes on acreage in Central Texas such as Longhorn Realty. Longhorn Realty also has a dedicated Texas land & ranch website that can be viewed at We provide valuable insights into market trends, pricing strategies, and effective marketing techniques for land properties to help you attract qualified acreage home buyers.

Showing Acreage Home Properties: Given how comlex homes on acreage can be, it's best to view Central Texas land properties with a Realtor who also specializes in land. Land Realtors will have the tools and know how to show and sell Central Texas homes on acreage.

Price Competitively: Research recent sales of similar properties in the area to determine a competitive listing price. Pricing acreage homes accurately is crucial for attracting buyers and securing timely offers.

Highlight Energy Efficiency: With the hot Texas climate, energy-efficient features can be a major selling point. Longhorn Realty will highlight any energy-efficient upgrades such as solar panels, insulation, or energy-efficient appliances that can help buyers save on utility bills.

Provide Detailed Property Information: As part of our process in selling Central Texas acreage properties we are prepapred with the proper disclosures for septics, possible floodplains, deed restrictions and more. 

By effectively highlighting the unique features of homes on acreage in Central Texas and catering to the preferences of potential buyers, we will increase your chances of selling properties successfully in this market. Be sure to contact Longhorn Realty when you are in the market to sell your Central Texas home on acreage. Selling Central Texas acreage properties is what we do best!

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