Three Ways Sellers Scare Off Buyers

Don't Scare Off Your Buyers

Why would a seller who wants to sell their home scare off their buyers? Sellers do it unintentionally all the time. Here’s three simple mistakes most sellers don’t even know they’re making.

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Don’t Hang Around When Buyers View Your Property

It’s rare, if ever, a buyer feels comfortable viewing a property when a seller is hovering nearby. Of course a potential buyer will not feel comfortable to talk openly and may not even fully look at the property and rush through the showing feeling they are inconveniencing the seller. It’s usually best that a seller leaves the property during showings. At a bare minimum at least be out of sight of the buyers.

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Pricing your Property too High

Everyone dreams of selling their home and knocking it out the park, but the reality is that probably isn’t going to happen. Pricing your home too high will get you less showings, which equals less potential buyers. Even if you found that one in a million buyer who’s willing to pay way over market, the home would still need to appraise close to the seller’s inflated sales price and I can tell you that never happens. Appraisals can kill many deals!

While a seller is testing the waters with their high priced home it’s also racking up active days on the market. Once your listing gets stale due to too many days on the market, get ready for the low ball offers. Potential buyers view properties that are on the market too long as a negative. Remember no one wants to buy a home that they feel may be difficult to resale later.

The take away here is to price your property competitively. Going a little above what the sold comps show sometimes isn’t unreasonable but be ready to reduce the price when you have little or no traffic.

Neglecting the Small Details

Saying your too busy to clean your home for showings, freshening up your landscaping and not making small repairs can cost you with some buyers. Nothing starts a showing off worse than a buyer trying to get in through the front door and the rickety doorknob or lock doesn’t work.

Not only does taking care of the small details make a huge difference in what buyers think of your property, it can also be reflected in higher offer prices.

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