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Can a seller refuse to let a buyer inspect a property in Texas?

Should a Seller Refuse to let a Buyer Inspect

Can a seller refuse to let a buyer inspect a property in Texas?Some sellers may think they can avoid making or paying for repairs if they don’t allow the buyer to inspect their property. Not a good idea for a seller to take this approach, especially if they want their property to close. After executing a contract the buyer is most likely in their option period, especially if they knew they needed inspections. If a buyer in an option period isn’t allowed to inspect the property they can simply terminate the contract.

If an unmodified Texas Real Estate Commission contract form was used, it includes language that requires the seller to give the buyer or buyers agent access to the property at reasonable times and also allows a buyer to have the property inspected. The bottom line is a seller cannot prevent a buyer from inspecting a property and a seller could be found in default for not allowing the inspections to take place.

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