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Selling Real Estate & Homes in Central Texas

Welcome to our Longhorn Realty Home Sellers Guide! This is where you can start the process of selling your Austin area single family homescondos & townhomes, luxury estates, homes with poolswaterfront properties, gated communities, golf communities, homes on acreage, ranch homes, hill country homes and investment properties. We start by learning about you and your property. Next, we put together a thorough property valuation and provide a comprehensive marketing plan tailored specifically for your property. Lastly, we’ll work hard to get the word out about your property so it gets sold quickly and efficiently! Our entire process is explained to you in clear, concise steps that we manage from listing day to closing day.

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6 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home With Longhorn Realty

1. Longhorn Realty Websites is our fast, powerful and heavily marketed residential website that is exclusively used to market all of our residential listings. Our website gets an abundance of residential related search traffic, it’s informative, easy to use, flows well and is very mobile friendly. Our site even provides Property Tracker, a free dashboard for site users. is our second website and it's important to know it also displays 100% of our listings. is designed to primarily draw in land & ranch buyers, which also benefits our residential listings on acreage. Land & ranch buyers also buy homes so it's good to get our listings in front of those buyers as well.

Longhorn Realty Residential Sales Website
Central Texas Residential Marketing

2. Targeted Residential Marketing

We market our residential listings where home buyers look for properties using the latest digital marketing technology including paid sites, email campaigns, property pages, social media, multiple MLS's and more. Our marketing plan is second to none and gets properties sold quickly! There's much more to say about marketing, so please visit our residential marketing page.

3. Internet Ranking

Our site ranks extremely well with popular residential real estate keywords. This results in more traffic to our site, where your listing is viewed by more potential buyers. We work tirelessly on our SEO so that our site always ranks well for residential keyword searches.

Internet Ranking for Homes for Sale
Texas Residential Network

4. Residential Network

Longhorn Realty is well connected with our network of real estate agents, brokers, investors, developers, and buyers. Our decades-long relationships with some of these top performing real estate professionals allow us to make deals on properties even before they hit the market. We also get the word out on properties at networking events, functions and classes, as well as via email campaigns, social media blasts or simply picking up the phone.

5. Full Time Real Estate Professionals

Our clients work only with the associate they signed up with. Our full-time Realtors will list your property and close your property. You never get passed off to anyone else during the selling process. Our clients have one name, one number and one contact that knows everything about their transaction.

Full Time Texas Land Professionals
Texas Real Estate Database

6. Proven Database

Longhorn Realty has a database of agents, brokers, buyers, and investors in the real estate business that we contact regularly regarding our listings. Some of these folks are waiting to discover the right property, so it's not unusual to quickly sell a property using only our database. Since 2010 we’ve been building our database and it’s updated daily. It's a valuable tool in helping us sell our clients’ residential properties.

The Central Texas Home Selling Process

Selling your home with a full time and qualified Residential Realtor with  Longhorn Realty will help streamline the process, ensure legal compliance, and maximize the value of your property. Here's the basic process to securing a residential broker and the steps to selling all types of Central Texas properties.

Prepare Your Home for Selling:

  • Clean and declutter: Make your home as presentable as possible by cleaning and decluttering each room.
  • Repairs and improvements: Address any necessary repairs and consider making strategic improvements to increase the property's appeal.

Hire a Real Estate Agent:

  • Selling with a local expert: Select a reputable real estate agent with knowledge and experience in the Central Texas market.
  • Sign a listing agreement: Work with your agent to establish the terms of your partnership, including the listing price, commission, and duration of the agreement.

Set the Right Price to Sell:

  • Research with your Realtor. Understand the current real estate market in Central Texas by looking at recent sales and current listings.
  • Consult with your Realtor. A local Realtor can provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you determine the optimal listing price.

List & Market Your Home:

  • Professional photography: High-quality photos can significantly impact your listing's attractiveness.
  • Online and offline marketing: Utilize various channels, such as online listings, social media, and traditional marketing methods, to reach potential buyers.

Showing your Property:

  • Coordinate showings: Work with your agent to schedule individual showings for interested buyers.

Receive and Negotiate Offers:

  • Evaluate offers: Review and consider each offer carefully, taking into account the proposed price, contingencies, and closing timeline.
  • Negotiate terms: Work with your agent to negotiate terms that are favorable to you.

Under Contract and Due Diligence:

  • Once you accept an offer, the property is typically considered "under contract."
  • A copy of the executed contract is then sent to the title company.
  • The buyer will conduct inspections and possibly negotiate repairs or credits based on the findings during their option period.

Closing Process:

  • The title company will handle the closing process, ensuring that the transfer of ownership is legally and financially sound.
  • Finalize details: Complete any remaining paperwork, and ensure that all necessary parties are ready for closing day.

Closing Day:

        • Sign documents: Both the buyer and seller will sign the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership.
        • Receive funds: Once all documents are signed and the transaction is funded, the transaction is then complete. Buyer receives keys and seller will receive the proceeds from the sale.

Throughout the process, your real estate agent will play a crucial role in guiding you, providing advice, and handling the various details involved in selling your Central Texas home. Keep in mind that real estate transactions can be complex, and it's important to work with professionals to navigate the process successfully.

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Meet Don Honeycutt, Broker/Owner

Don Honeycutt, is the owner and broker for Longhorn Realty LLC, which he founded in 2010. Longhorn Realty is a full service Texas real estate brokerage that specializes in residential and ranch properties throughout the hill country and all over Central Texas. The foundation of Don’s brokerage is built on trust, integrity, and providing clients with the very best experience possible. Since Don was licensed in 2005 he has executed hundreds of millions of dollars in Texas real estate transactions and our full time team of Realtors look forward to helping you with selling yours!

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Longhorn Realty has Accredited Luxury Home Specialists (ALHS) on staff. Sell your Austin area property with a highly trained luxury home professional.

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